How We Make Good Men Better

Making good men better is to extract the essence of the Masonic experience. We emphasize what good men have in common, rather than what makes them different. As good men, we learn and seek to check our passions, maintaining confidences and treating others with respect and honesty.

As good men, we are interested in helping others. Charity being one of the highest callings in Masonry, we help widows, orphans, our brothers, and the world at large. It is an opportunity for us, not a requirement. World wide, it is estimated that Lodges and individual members contribute a million dollars a day to various charitable endeavors.

Our ritual and ceremony serve to convey and teach certain moral lessons and elevate the individuals to a position higher than themselves. The lessons are essentially things you ave likely already heard or learned when surrounded by a moral society. What makes them unique to Freemasonry is that they are presented in a specific format and context. With these basic tenets in common Good Men become better. Improving themselves and by extension their communities.

"In this grand fraternity we get to know men that we would have never met otherwise. Getting to know them not by their looks or touch, but by their hearts, minds, and souls."

About Our Edmonds Lodge

Good Men.
We have a relaxed group of guys with good attitudes who are dedicated Masons.

We are an active group with plenty of Masonic and social activity.

Great History.
With over a century of existence, we have a rich and storied history.

Masonic Ritual & Tradition.
We have a number of sharp ritualists and take pride in our craft.

A Beautiful Building.
We practice our craft in one of the nicest environments in the state.

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