Congratulations On Your First Step!

An exciting time where you decide to begin walking in the steps of our forefathers, taking the same steps as every brother that has come before you. It’s a rewarding journey and the brothers of our lodge look forward to helping you in your growth.

Our Edmonds Lodge

On behalf of the officers and brothers of Edmonds Masonic Lodge #165, we thank you for your interest in freemasonry. Here at our lodge, we combine the traditional learning, values, and rituals of freemasonry with a relaxed and friendly vibe in a beautiful, historic setting.

We’re a brotherhood of like-minded men working together to improve ourselves, our families, and our community. Masonic Lodges and teachings exist in most countries throughout the world and fellow brothers are welcomed generally at these lodges.

Our fraternity requires good, moral men, seeking improvement of themselves and their world. All races and creeds are welcomed; our focus is on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We do require a belief in God or a Supreme Being, but are unconcerned about any specific denominations. Masonry isn’t for everyone, nor will every applicant be admitted. But if you are, you will find guys that you will be proud to spend time with and call your friends and brothers.

Our regularly scheduled meetings take place on every second Thursday of each month. Exceptions being July and August when we take a summer break. Before each monthly meeting, we have dinner and conversation starting at 6:30pm and the meeting proper starting at 7:30pm. We welcome you to join in our downstairs dining room if you’d like to share some good food and fellowship.

Our Brotherhood

In our context, a friend and a friendly guy interested in your well-being. Respectful guys assisting you in becoming a better man; having your back, helping you when needed, and giving council when appropriate.

Our Personal Promises & Work

We stand tall in the onslaught of modern cultural degradation, and are a bastion of honest, masculine men striving to live time-tested moral values and improve daily.

Our Obligations.

As we advance in Masonry, we give our promise & obligate ourselves to adhere to our moral values & behavioral codes.

Proficiency & Memorization.

As we advance in Masonry, we’re tasked with proficiency & some memorization of our philosophical concepts.

What Comes Next?

The next step will be to contact us and let us know of your interest. Or you may simply fill out an application below which you can then drop off in person or email back to us.

Inquire for more information or discuss your thoughts and interest. You may email us at.. edmonds165.(@at), call us at at 425.778.3833, or fill out a form on our contact page,

If you are already comfortable about our process and would like to proceed directly, you may download and fill out an application via the link below.


This is an optional step, but gives us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

Generally each Saturday at 10AM we have coffee and pastries downstairs. Everyone is welcome. Our stated meeting nights are generally the second Thursday of each month at 7:30. Before each meeting, at 6:30pm, we have a pre-meeting dinner and social time downstairs which anyone is welcome to attend.


Our fraternity grows by the phrase.. “To Be One, Ask One.” By downloading and filling out this application, you are digitally “Asking One”. Please fill out all sections and submit it in person to the lodge or email it to edmonds165 (@). If you need help or have any questions please ask a brother, email us, or call at 425 . 778 . 3833. There are joining dues which are currently approximately $300.


After you submit your application, we will arrange an interview at your home with three members of our lodge. This is an important process where we get to know you, and you us at a little deeper level. We will discuss the lodge, ask and answer questions, get to know your personality, demeanor, background and motivation for membership. If we both like what we see, your application will be recommended and move forward to the lodge members for a vote.


With the Interview Committee approval & your consent, your application will be voted upon in the next stated Lodge meeting. The Lodge brothers must approve your application unanimously, there can be no dissenting votes. If you are approved, you become a member of our lodge. If there are any dissenting votes, your application will be denied and any application fees paid will be refunded.


You will begin to walk the path trod by our fathers and grandfathers for many centuries. Our brotherhood has demarcations similar to stonemasons of yore laid out in three degrees. It is a unique journey, one taken by every single brother that has come before you.

First Degree. (The Entered Apprentice Mason)
Second Degree. (The Fellowcraft Mason)
Third Degree. (The Master Mason)

The Third Degree or Master Mason is the highest degree conferred by our lodge. This is when you are considered to be a full brother and become eligible to hold office and take other rights and responsibilities in the lodge.



515 Dayton St,
Edmonds, WA 98020


By Appointment
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of Each Month
[email protected]